Purdue SMART Lab Team


Yogang Singh

Yogang became a SMART Lab alumni in December 2019.
His immediate position is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven, Belgium.

Ph.D University of Plymouth, UK, 2015-2019
Thesis Title : Cooperative Swarm Optimisation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
M.S. Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M), Chennai, India, 2012-2015
Thesis Title: Design and Development of an Laboratory Underwater Glider
B.Tech SRM University, Chennai, India, 2006-2010 (Mechanical Engineering)

Current Research:

    Currently working as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in SMART Lab on the development of a low-cost pontoon-based unmanned surface vehicle (USV) towards the development of an integrated platform comprising of a sediment sampler integrated with a USV. The idea of the research is to develop an intelligent sediment sampling system for rivers, estuaries and small streams available around agricultural bodies to monitor and quantify environmental pollution. In addition to this, I am working with a team of agricultural and flow system engineers towards the development of a smart water distribution system for irrigation in Peruvian highlands. Both projects are part of the Purdue Nexus Project (https://www.purdue.edu/discoverypark/arequipa-nexus/en/index.php) towards developing multiple unmanned sampling robots (e.g., unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs)) to carry out water and sediment sample analysis in situ in various environments and transmit results to a cloud server via a wireless network. My research areas are Multi-Robot Motion Planning, Intelligent Path Planning of Marine Robots, Design and Development of Marine Vehicles and Hydrodynamics.

Selected Publications: (Google Scholar)
  • Tamzidul Mina, Yogang Singh, and Byung-Cheol Min, "Maneuvering Ability based Weighted Potential Field Framework for Multi-USV Navigation, Guidance and Control", Marine Technology Society Journal, 2020.
  • Jun Han Bae, Shaocheng Luo, Yogang Singh, Bumjoo Lee, Richard M. Voyles, Mauricio Postigo, Edgar Gonzales, Lizbeth Paredes Aguilar, and Byung-Cheol Min, "Towards Design and Development of an Uninhabited Sediment Sampling Surface Vehicle for Peruvian Highlands", 2019 MTS/IEEE OCEANS, Seattle, WA, USA, October 27-31, 2019.
  • Shaocheng Luo, Yogang Singh, Jun Han Bae, J. Eric Dietz, Xiumin Diao, and Byung-Cheol Min, "A Conceptual Spill Removal Platform for Efficient Spill Cleaning", 2019 MTS/IEEE OCEANS, Seattle, WA, USA, October 27-31, 2019.
  • Tamzidul Mina, Yogang Singh, and Byung-Cheol Min,"A Novel Double Layered Weighted Potential FieldFramework for Multi-USV Navigation towards Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance in a Con-strained Maritime Environment", 2019 MTS/IEEE OCEANS, Seattle, WA, USA,October 27-31, 2019.

    singh608 at purdue dot edu